Early Years of Beekeeping

Frames, frames and more frames ...

I was living at home but had left school and had a job as an apprentice. This meant I was able to buy my first car, a Ford Escort MKI and put some money into my beekeeping business. I also developed a friendship with the local commercial beekeeper from Tui Apiaries and was permitted to use his honey shed and manufacturing facilities for some of my operations. This relieved the problems of using my parent’s house.

The number of colonies increased peaking at 40 hives, but to achieve this meant a lot of work. Boxes, floorboards, roofs and a thousand frames needed to be assembled and wired for the coming season.

The frames were made during the winter months but needed transportation back home for wiring. Problem solving can be fun, especially looking back at this photo. The Ford Escort and Dad’s trailer loaded to its capacity all arriving safely to their destination.

Thousands of bee frames