Early Years of Beekeeping

9 years of beekeeping in New Zealand

I operated three main apiary sites, one of these was located on the family farm. The hives can just be seen above the old red car. These two photos show Dad and me transporting honey on the back of a Massey Ferguson tractor where it would be extracted in the factory at Tui apiaries.

At 23 I left New Zealand to travel and work overseas. Beekeeping started when I was 14 years old and was put on hold till I returned. To date I haven't, but I'm now married, have 2 sons and bought a house in Victoria, Australia. I resumed my passion 8 years later (1998) where I now maintain about 45 hives.

Keeping bees in New Zealand has changed a lot since leaving with the unfortunate introduction of the parasite 'varroa', which kills bees by attacking the brood.

Our Australian operation can be seen - the story of how my honey is produced.

Transporting honey home

 Massey Ferguson Tractor