How honey is produced

From the flower to the jar - Uncapping the frames

Each frame in the super is removed separately and a hot electric or steam uncapping knife is passed over the wax cappings. Its a bit like cutting bread into slices, the knife is sharp but not razor sharp. The honey in the frame is contained in cells on both sides and the uncapping process is completed when the caps on both sides are cut off. The amount of honey in the wax cappings is substantial - about 1/3 and needs to be recovered. It can be left to drain over a couple of warm days or spun out using a cappings spinner at the end of the days work. The other product from this process is beeswax, but it needs to be melted and filtered before it is useful.

Uncapping with an electric uncapping knife. The cappings fall into a draining tray.

The cappings are transferred from the draining tray to a cappings spinner. Photo shows dry cappings after the honey is spun out.

Uncapping a honeycomb

Cappings spinner