How honey is produced

From the flower to the jar - The extraction of the honey

The uncapped frames are placed into the honey extractor for extraction. There are 3 types of extractors, the Radial (90°), Semi Radial (45°) and Tangential (0°) extractors. The angle is the position of the frame to the centre of the extractor.

The extractor that we use is a 10 frame motor driven tangential and can extract 40 frames per hour (10 frames per 15 minutes). The frames are loaded with the top bars facing the wall of the extractor. The advantage of this type of extractor means continuous operation and the frames do not need reversing to extract the honey from the other side.

The lid of the extractor is closed for safety reasons and prevents a fine mist of honey coming out while the machine operates. The motor starts and the centrifugal action spins the honey out from the honey comb frame. Thixotropic honey (ie. Manuka honey) cannot be spun from the comb using conventional extracting equipment.
Once uncapped, the frames are loaded into the extractor to recover the honey.
As the extractor spins the honey is flung to the outside walls where it collects in a pool at the bottom.

Extracter honeycomb

Spinning honey out