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Pure Beeswax Candles

Relax your body and save our environment. Create a relaxing mood, ambience and a beautiful beeswax aroma in your home. Our candles are made from pure beeswax, are eco-friendly with no added paraffin wax or essential oils. Pure cotton braided wicks are used. The colour of the beeswax can vary a little, depending upon the type of honey the bees used to make the wax. Yellow coloured wax tends to come from darker coloured honeys, whereas the lighter wax is made from light honeys. Sunlight bleaches the beeswax too, continued exposure to sunlight would change its colour to almost white.

It is difficult to judge accurately how a candle selection compares. To make your choice easier, the candles are positioned to each other comparing shape and size. We hope this assist in with your choice. Click on your selected candle. Each candle has dimensions, weights and approximate burn time information.

Pure beeswax candles