Grey Box Eucalyptus Tree

Information about habitat, appearance and environmental value

Grey Box - Eucalyptus Microcarpa is a medium sized tree growing up to 25m. The straight truck has grey crusty bark that extends higher into the tree; the bark on the smaller branches becomes smooth and light grey and every year a layer of bark are shed from these upper branches. The mature leaves are thick and broad up to 120mm long, they have a grey green colour and new growth has a fresh green look. Buds develop on the new growth during December in groups of 4-7 forming tight clusters; the mature buds are diamond shape, 8-12mm.

The tree is known as a short budder as it starts flowering 3 to 4 months later. The flowering period can extend from March and last well into May, sometimes June. The flowers are small and white, producing a lot of pollen but of poorer quality for brood rearing. The honey tends to agitate the bees most years making otherwise gentle colonies aggressive. The pollinated flowers produce fruit that is 8x5mm.

Grey Box is widespread growing on the drier side of the Dividing Range of south eastern Australia. It is slow growing but more tolerant to drought. It is used for shade, shelter, timber and firewood.


Bark Grey Box trunk

Trunk Grey Box

Grey Box Flowers

Seed pods, fruit Grey Box

A Grey Box tree