Messmate Eucalyptus Tree

Information about habitat, appearance and environmental value

Messmate - Eucalyptus Obliqua varies in height, around the coast it grows to 4m but in mountains it is a massive tree growing up to 60m. Brown and uneven thick stringy bark extends up the straight trunk that finishes at the smaller branches. The leaves are thick and dark and have a glossy green appearance. Buds grow for about year in groups of 7 to 11 and have a club shaped (7x4mm).

Flowering begins mid January that lasts for about 6 weeks, these are small and white. Amongst beekeepers it has been known as the 12 day wonder, producing large quantities of nectar during its peak flowering period. The nectar tends to make the bees defensive and protective of their colonies (aggressive). The pollen is good quality and bees breed well on it. The resulting pollination produces fruit that have a small depressed capping disc (11 x 9mm).

Messmate grows in higher rainfall areas; the region determines its height. The timber is a faded brown colour and used in the timber industry due to its straight grain. It has often been labelled as Tasmanian oak.


Bark - Messmate

Messmate tree

Messmate buds

Messmate fruit