Red Box Eucalyptus Tree

Information about habitat, appearance and environmental value

Red Box - Eucalyptus Polyanthemos is a small to medium sized tree, typically growing 6-20m. The bark is scaly and falls from the tree in narrow pieces. The leaves have a slat grey green colour, oval shaped measuring 15x55mm. New reddish buds develop 10-12 months before flowering in groups of 7.

Flowering starts in mid September lasting until November. The small white flowers are sensitive and easily damaged by rain. Under suitable conditions, good crops of honey can be produced, but because of its early spring flowering, it is not known as a reliable producer. In some years the honey can have a tallow flavour that disappears when stored for 12 months. The pollen is not suitable for breeding bees. The fruit small and are pear shaped, 3x6mm.

Red Box is wide spread prefering hot summers and cool winters, it grows on stony well drained slopes between Bairnsdale and Ararat. It produces strong red timber and is a good source of fuel.

Red Box tree

Red Box trunk

Red Box Blossom

Red Box fruit

Red Box leaves