Red Gum Eucalyptus Tree

Information about habitat, appearance and environmental value

Red Gum - Eucalyptus Camaldulensis, is also known as River Red Gum. This tree is defined as a medium to large, growing up to 40m. It has smooth bark that is a dirty white and sometimes grey in appearance. The bark around the base is often loose and dark in colour. Adult leaves are 10-20mm wide; vary from lacklustre to semi glossy and have a motley green colour. Buds develop on new growth during summer in groups of 7-11.

Flowering starts in December lasting till mid January but is very sensitive to hot temperatures or periods of rain that destroy honey flows. The honey is superb and prized by beekeepers. The high quality pollen the bees find very attractive and breed well from. The fruit are semi-circular and are about 6-10mm and have a raised disc.

Red Gum grows everywhere and has been successfully grown around the world. It grows along water ways, flood plains, is tolerant to water logging and drought. Heavy flowering usually occurs following periods of flooding rains. The timber is red and suits construction and makes an excellent fuel.

Trunk of the Red Gum tree

A Red Gum tree

Buds on a Red Gum tree

Red Gum flowers

Red Gum Seed Pod