Pure Raw Cold Extracted Honey

Taste the difference, honey that bursts with flavour
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Producing honey for 20 years

The story of honey and bees is intriguing. Fascinated by bees at a young age, Paul opened his first wild beehive at age 14 years old. Much has changed since then and in 2004 Heathmont Honey was born of this passion.

Our honey bees are located in bushland around Heathcote, the foot hills of the Dandenong ranges and Heathmont. At times the colonies are moved to other locations take advantage of the flowering blossom.

Beekeeper with gloves and hive tool removing a frame of honeyt covered in bees
Beauitful spilt honey is never wasted - it is consumed by honey bees

Discover how honey is made by honeybees

Honey bees visit flowers and suck out the nectar using their proboscis (tongue). Flying back to their home, the bees add enzymes and evaporate water. Once ripened, the nectar is converted to honey, stored in a wax cell and a cap placed on top to preserve the precious liquid. To maintain all the honey bees hard work, we minimally process the honey at room temperature. The cold extracted honey retains all of its natural wholesome properties and sold at local farmers markets and in select produce shops.

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