Grey Box Honey

Pure Raw Cold Extracted Honey. A warm rich delicious toffee flavour.


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Grey Box honey is golden amber in colour, it has a fluid texture with buttery hints following through to a rich toffee caramel flavour. We think Grey Box honey is great on your weet-bix, makes an excellent sugar placement for cooking and adds an extra level to the cooked food with its flavour.

This honey is a great all round family favourite. It usually candies in the cooler months within 6 or 8 weeks.

Flowers and buds of a Grey Box eucalyptus tree

Grey BoxEucalyptus Microcarpa – is a medium sized tree growing up to 25m high.  Buds develop on new growth during November in groups of 4 to 7 and form tight clusters. Mature buds are diamond shaped.

The tree is known as a short budder as it starts flowering 3 to 4 after setting bud. The flowering period begins in early March and last well into May, sometimes June. The flowers are small and white, producing a lot of pollen but of poorer quality for brood rearing. The nectar from the tree tends to agitate the bees making otherwise gentle colonies aggressive to manage.

Grey Box is widespread and grows on the northern side of the dividing range of South Eastern Australia. It is slow growing and has good tolerance toward dry conditions. It is useful for shade, shelter, timber and burns hot as firewood.

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