Urbanis Backyardicus

2023 season in stock. We have a very limited amount available.
Pure Raw Cold Extracted Honey.
Local suburb hay fever honey with a floral taste and aroma.


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Urbanis Backyardicus honey is our local honey sourced from urban backyard gardens in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It has a floral like flavour but every now and then we can taste a slight hint of aniseed. It’s flavour changes by the year, season and location too. Maybe honey from your garden is in this rather distinctive honey. The honey candies readily during the cooler months, often in 3 or 4 weeks.

Urbanis Backyardicus is poly floral, meaning many flower species. The benefit of local honey is the bees have collected pollen and nectar from the same flowers you are allergic to. Purchasers have told us that it has helped to reduce (or eliminate) their hay fever allergy. Their secret seems to be to eat 1 teaspoon per day over 18 months. The idea is to expose your system to tiny amounts of pollen (the allergen) by eating the honey. This bolsters the immune response and prepares it for high pollen count days. We are not offering medical advice but just observations and what we’ve heard from others. Check with your healthcare profession if local honey is suitable for you. Do not rely on this natural remedy to manage a medical condition.

If your hay fever is grass pollen based (rye is common) then honey is unlikely to help. With the exception of clover and plantain, bees don’t forage on the grasses.


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